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MARTHA SEZ: Nostalgia and the art of smoking

April 14, 2016 Some days I wake up in the morning and think how glad I am that I don’t smoke anymore. more »»


April 14, 2016 Even though it is snowing, it is spring – the time to think about fresh salads. We eat salads because they’re delicious and healthy. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Would you like to own a kid?

April 7, 2016 How would you like to own a kid, a baby goat that is? They are soft, full of energy and very playful. more »»

IT'S OUR HISTORY: Tales of a pet bear

April 7, 2016 As I was logging photos into our digital catalog this past month, I came across this fantastic photograph. It wasn’t too hard to find out who the man and the driver of the car were. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: The rise of the modern university

April 7, 2016 James Axtell, who before retirement was William R. Kennan Jr. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Eat well. Enjoy life. Take a nap at work.

April 7, 2016 Too bad for Dagwood Bumstead that his boss, Mr. Dithers, was so unenlightened about sleeping at work. more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: More LPHS senior projects

April 7, 2016 Lake Placid High School has a unique and powerful requirement for graduation. Students must take a class entitled senior seminar. more »»

GARDEN CLUB NEWS: Swing into spring with the LP Garden Club

April 7, 2016 Although our bodies should be fully recovered from the last lawn/garden raking we did in September and November, we have now started the same chore again to clear the way for new growth. more »»

ON THE SCENE: International downsizing in Keene

March 31, 2016 The number of international kids coming to the Keene Central School is down a third this year, from six to four, but the enthusiasm for having them remains high. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Opening to Cuba

March 31, 2016 It was ping-pong diplomacy, the exchange of table tennis players between the United States and the People’s Republic of China in 1971 that marked a thaw in Sino-American relations and paved the way... more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Now she’s cookin’

March 31, 2016 People love cookbooks. more »»

NORTH COUNTRY KITCHEN: Kraut salad a superfood

March 31, 2016 It will be some time before fresh local greens like spinach and lettuce arrive at farmers markets and gardens. For salads, we still rely on root vegetables and sauerkraut. more »»

ON THE SCENE: March maple madness hits the Adirondacks

March 24, 2016 Climate change has resulted in a bit of a roller coaster existence for North Country maple sugar farmers this year. Consider the past three years. For many, 2014 was a disaste. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Spotlight on the Middle East

March 24, 2016 As during the past years, the Williamsburg Area chapter of the League of Women Voters once again sponsored the annual Great Decision Series, an eight-week program that brings expert speakers to the... more »»

ROTARY CLUB NEWS: Rotary helps Lake Placid’s parks

March 24, 2016 The Lake Placid Rotary Club’s first parks effort was to install a play train in Jewtraw Park in 2004. more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: LPCS looking for board candidates

March 24, 2016 This year on May 17, in addition to voting on the school budget, voters will be electing two school board members. more »»

LOOKING AT THE MIRROR: Watershed association sets 2016 goals

March 24, 2016 This year, the Mirror Lake Watershed Association has outlined a number of goals in which to focus its attention. more »»

OLYMPIC HISTORY: A story in every crowd

March 18, 2016 For visitors coming to the Lake Placid region, it is hard to imagine how the tiny village of Lake Placid was able to accommodate approximately 700,000 people in just two weeks. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Lessons from history

March 18, 2016 Did the Haudenausonee Clan Mothers inspire the pioneers of the suffragette movement to want the vote and equal pay for equal work for women? Are the efforts to require photo identification another... more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Trumpism vis globalization

March 18, 2016 William ‘Van’ Dusen Wishard proclaimed, “Trumpism is the reaction of a nation that has not yet come to terms with globalization.” READ MORE by purchasing this week's Lake Placid News. more »»



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