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LOOKING AT THE MIRROR: Watershed association sets 2016 goals

March 24, 2016 This year, the Mirror Lake Watershed Association has outlined a number of goals in which to focus its attention. more »»

OLYMPIC HISTORY: A story in every crowd

March 18, 2016 For visitors coming to the Lake Placid region, it is hard to imagine how the tiny village of Lake Placid was able to accommodate approximately 700,000 people in just two weeks. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Lessons from history

March 18, 2016 Did the Haudenausonee Clan Mothers inspire the pioneers of the suffragette movement to want the vote and equal pay for equal work for women? Are the efforts to require photo identification another... more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Trumpism vis globalization

March 18, 2016 William ‘Van’ Dusen Wishard proclaimed, “Trumpism is the reaction of a nation that has not yet come to terms with globalization.” READ MORE by purchasing this week's Lake Placid News. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Blah, blah, politics, blah, blah, blah

March 18, 2016 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is an election year, and we are far enough into it that most people we know fall into one of three categories. READ MORE by purchasing this week's Lake Placid News. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Catholic Climate Ambassadors arrive

March 10, 2016 Pope Francis’s Environmental Encyclical on Care for Our Common Home sent shock waves through faith, environmental, political, business and educational communities since its release on May 24 last... more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Blackbird, fly, into the Adirondacks

March 10, 2016 OK, I’m waiting. This is a very specific time of year, even though there is no very specific name for it. Some call it mud season, some call it early spring. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Working toward an arts quarter

March 10, 2016 Would it be possible for the Lake Placid Center for the Arts to emulate in some way the example of the Muscarelle Museum? At the resent College of William and Mary’s Board of Visitors meeting, the... more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: More Lake Placid High School senior projects announced

March 10, 2016 Lake Placid High School has a unique and powerful requirement for graduation. Students must take a class entitled senior seminar. more »»

NORTH COUNTRY KITCHEN: Beets are a good base for your winter salads

March 10, 2016 It’s March. Chill winds are howling. Spring is not quite here. It will be a little while before we have fresh greens in our garde. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Granger knocking on Hollywood doors

March 3, 2016 Ever watch the Academy Awards and wish it was your name called and you’d be the one running up the steps to the stage to grab the Oscar, hug the host, and thank your family and friends? Eric... more »»

IT'S OUR HISTORY: Enjoying some magic lantern slides

March 3, 2016 It was not too long ago when magic lantern shows were at the forefront of many events and socials in the United States. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Hiding a few synonyms up my sleeve

March 3, 2016 Today I saw a mug emblazoned with the words MAKE TODAY RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING. It was unbelievabl. more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: Prevention Team continues helping LPCS students

March 3, 2016 The Prevention Team is pleased to continue offering services in the Lake Placid Central School District this school year. We have been working in partnership with the school for almost 30 years. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: The other side of the coin

March 3, 2016 In a recent Lake Placid News and Virginia Gazette column, I wrote about the case of SS–Obersturbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann. more »»

ON THE SCENE: Warm temps hurting business up Keene way

February 25, 2016 Warm weather driven by an especially intense El Nino has thus far had a mixed impact on those working and recreating in the Keene area. more »»

MARTHA SEZ: Ski fest canceled? It’s Tom Messner’s fault

February 25, 2016 The following quote about glacial ice melt due to global warming was falsely ascribed to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin: “I thought polar bears could swim. more »»

LP ROTARY CLUB NEWS: Club’s youngest member is Holly Erenstone, age 7

February 25, 2016 Holly Erenstone, 7, is a second grader at the Lake Placid Elementary School. She is also, proudly, the youngest member of the Rotary Club of Lake Placid. more »»

WORLD FOCUS: Adventures of a headhunter

February 25, 2016 Why would an American lawyer with a lucrative practice in international law give it all up to become a headhunter in London? Bruce Beringer, a graduate of William & Mary and now, a resident of... more »»

BLUE BOMBER VOICES: LP Elementary School using therapy dogs for education

February 25, 2016 Therapy dogs have been used in retirement homes and hospitals for year, and now they are moving to the classrooms. more »»



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