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Tips for energy independence

August 29, 2008
Provided by eHow
¯Hire someone to do an energy audit of your home. Reduce your energy consumption by caulking, installing storm doors, laying extra insulation and purchasing energy efficient appliances.

¯Power your home with renewable resources such as wind, sun and water. Consider installing a solar-electric power unit.

¯Shop for fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market and limit purchases of processed foods that require a lot of fuel to make. Grow food in your backyard.

¯Change your driving habits. Drive slower and less often. Trade in your SUV for a smaller car or an energy-efficient car, such as a hybrid.

¯Consider moving closer to work. Commute on the train or bus, carpool and telecommute whenever possible.

¯Build an energy efficient home from the ground up. Include energy saving technology like reflective roofing, a ground source heat pump and lighting that employs energy efficient LEDs and compact fluorescent lights.



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