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Galvin races past half marathon field

September 15, 2012
By the News Staff ( , Lake Placid News

LAKE PLACID - Marc Galvin of Lake Placid crossed the finish line first to win last weekend's 42nd running of the Lake Placid/North Elba Half Marathon.

Galvin completed the 13.1-mile course in 1:21:16, outpacing second place Shawn Spriggs of Potsdam (1:21:54) and Isaiah Shaw of North Hudson who finished in 1:22:22.

Another Lake Placid resident, Jenny Deweese, was the top women's finisher in 1:23:27, which was the fourth-best time overall on the day. Katie DeRusso of Saranac Lake was second in the women's race with a time of 1:28:52, followed by Michelle Dupont of Lenox, Mass. who finished third in 1:35:09.

Article Photos

Marc Galvin (No. 1) takes off at the beginning of the Lake Placid/North Elba Half Marathon on Saturday, Sept. 8. Galvin was the first overall finisher, outpacing a field of 212 other runners.
Photo courtesy of Pat Hendrick Photography

This year's version of the half marathon featured a course change, with the start at the Olympic Skating Oval on Main Street in Lake Placid and the finish at the North Elba Show Grounds. It has started and finished at the Show Grounds in the past.

Co-organizers Rick Preston and Art Devlin were pleased with the turnout of 212 runners (192 finishers) on a windy day when a storm was looming later in the day.

"We learned a lot in this, our first year organizing and conducting the race," Preston said. "Overall, we learned that there are things that we can work on to improve and grow this event for next year and beyond."

Aside from the route change, runners enjoyed entertainment provided by Good Guy Productions and a post-race BBQ sponsored by the Lake Placid Youth Athletic Association. Many area business and organizations donated raffle items which helped raise money to support the Lake Placid Youth Athletic Association.

Prior to race, Devlin and Preston presented long-time race organizer Butch Martin of the North Elba Park District with a plaque thanking him for his decades of service to the Half Marathon.


Lake Placid/North Elba Half Marathon

Saturday, Sept. 8


1 Galvin, Marc (Lake Placid)M30-396:121:21:16
2 Spriggs, Shawn (Potsdam)M30-396:151:21:54
3 Shaw, Isaiah (North Hudson)M20-296:171:22:22
4 DeWeese, Jenny (Lake Placid)F30-396:221:23:27
5 Thoman, Dave (Albany)M20-296:231:23:40
6 Molloy, Shawn (Central Square)M40-496:401:27:18
7 Sullivan, Joseph (Schenectady)M30-396:411:27:27
8 DeRusso, Katie (Saranac Lake)F20-296:471:28:52
9 Lynch, Phil M32 (Saranac)M30-396:501:29:24
10 Kulakowski, Scott (Albany)M20-296:581:31:11
11 Montgomery, Jason (Orleans Canada)M30-397:041:32:40
12 Strickland, Jason (Lake Placid)M30-397:071:33:07
13 Pare, Jason (Rome)M30-397:071:33:19
14 Mortelliti, Michael (Lenox MA)M50-597:091:33:40
15 Mcguley, Todd (Niskayuna)M40-497:111:34:09
16 Dupont, Michelle (Lenox MA)F40-497:161:35:09
17 Mohrs, Markus (Saranac Lake)M40-497:211:36:11
18 Martin, Shawn (Lake Lazurne)M30-397:261:37:24
19 Hayman, Ryan (Toronto)M30-397:261:37:24
20 Hazelden, Doug (Bloomingdale)M50-597:261:37:25
21 Jones, Logan (Gansevoort)M30-397:271:37:30
22 Moore, Greg (Saranac Lake)M40-497:271:37:31
23 Hunter, Vera (Ingleside Canada)F30-397:291:38:00
24 Epstein, Kristen (Fort Drum)F20-297:301:38:10
25 Delaney, Brian (Lake Placid)M50-597:321:38:42
26 Lundin, Jon (Saranac Lake)M40-497:331:38:51
27 Durfee, Robert (Saranac Lake)M40-497:331:38:51
28 Kelleher, Robert (Beverly Hills CA)M20-297:331:38:59
29 Ringler, Adam (Richmond MA)M20-297:341:39:13
30 Yuriij, Chewpa (Manotick)M50-597:371:39:51
31 King, Louis (Hogansburg)M20-297:381:39:54
32 Wilson, Jennifer (Liverpool)F20-297:401:40:26
33 Mulholland, Roger (Fort Drum)M20-297:411:40:36
34 Saulpaugh, Matthew (Lake Placid)M20-297:421:40:47
35 Young, Jacob (Ticonderoga)M1-197:441:41:13
36 Thompson, Susan (Queensbury)F40-497:441:41:19
37 Balestrini, Dave (Lake Placid)M40-497:461:41:44
38 Kelly, Susan (Burlington, Vt.)F40-497:471:41:53
39 Casey, Molly (Albany)F20-297:471:42:03
40 Ogle, Nancy (Pittsfield MA)F50-597:481:42:05
41 Jones, Peter (Rainbow Lak)M50-597:501:42:39
42 Mosher, Justine (Queensbury)F20-297:551:43:36
43 Dillenberger, James (Ausable Forks)M40-497:551:43:47
44 Zdgiebloski, Ian (Lake George)M1-197:571:44:02
45 Regan, Mark (Queensbury)M50-597:571:44:03
46 Dennin, Greg M55 (Lake Placid)M50-598:001:44:49
47 Porter, Colleen (Lake Placid)F30-398:001:44:50
48 Tracy-Debraccio, Cheryl (Scotia)F40-498:001:44:50
49 Duprey, Wayne (Lake Placid)M20-298:031:45:29
50 Stanton, Rachel F44 (Lake Placid)F40-498:041:45:39
51 Decker, Lance M42 (Glens Falls)M40-498:051:45:47
52 Pelkey, Brian M30 (Bloomingdale)M30-398:051:45:49
53 Holderied, Heidi F50 (Saranac Lake)F50-598:071:46:15
54 Paul, Matthew M46 (Saranac Lake)M40-498:071:46:25
55 VanDenbergh, Robert (Deansboro)M60-998:081:46:30
56 Sauer, Stephen M43 (Potsdam)M40-498:081:46:36
57 Clough, Ashley (Fairfax VT)F20-298:091:46:48
58 Bradley, Allison F36 (Albany)F30-398:111:47:18
59 Krawczyk, Thomas (Syracuse)M20-298:121:47:28
60 Galvin, Bonnie (Ballston Spa)F40-498:131:47:32
61 Kullberg, Kei (Lake Placid)M1-198:151:48:01
62 Vinci, Michael M48 (Albany)M40-498:161:48:11
63 Norelli, Mary (Franklin Lakes NJ)F40-498:171:48:28
64 Trachte, Elizabeth (New Paltz)F40-498:221:49:33
65 Kilian, Justin M25 (Saranac Lake)M20-298:241:50:00
66 Mulholland, Michele (Fort Drum)F20-298:251:50:21
67 Morelli, Michael (Manalapan NJ)M40-498:261:50:23
68 Scott, Catherine (Elbridge)F20-298:261:50:27
69 Jones, Jacquie (Ganesvort)F20-298:271:50:48
70 Sparacino, Vinny M56 (Lake Placid)M50-598:301:51:14
71 Stouffer, John (Delmar)M50-598:341:52:11
72 Duerr, James (Lake Placid)M20-298:371:52:47
73 Donnelly, Kyka (Norwich)F20-298:381:53:09
74 Porter, Loring M46 (Lake Placid)M40-498:401:53:31
75 Passade, Francisco (New York)M30-398:431:54:09
76 Hann, Molly F31 (Saranac Lake)F30-398:431:54:09
77 Cavenee, Tim (Schuyler Falls)M50-598:461:54:45
78 Morganson, Robert (Lake Placid)M50-598:471:55:01
79 Trachte, Nathan (Lake Placid)M1-198:471:55:01
80 Smith, Drew M25 (Lake Placid)M20-298:481:55:18
81 Brink, Ryan (Long Sault Canada)M20-298:491:55:26
82 Heidorn, Stephen (Saratoga Springs)M50-598:491:55:26
83 Dock, Christina (Lake Placid)F40-498:531:56:16
84 Glikes, Jeff (Troy)M50-598:531:56:23
85 Sanford, Matt M24 (Massena)M20-298:531:56:25
86 VonSchenk, Stephen (Diamond Point)M50-598:541:56:40
87 Middleton, Jake (Saranac Lake)M1-198:551:56:44
88 Rubin, Everett M25 (Lake Placid)M20-298:561:57:01
89 Pavone, Martin (Rochester)M50-598:581:57:30
90 Danis, Jacqueline (Rensselaer Falls)F20-298:591:57:46
91 Hurlbut, Jessica (Massena)F30-399:011:58:04
92 Bobersky, Michael M30 (Greenbush)M30-399:021:58:15
93 Donatello, Carrie (Lake Placid)F30-399:102:00:06
94 Donnelly, Natlie M21 (Norwich)M20-299:142:00:56
95 Grimmette, Keela (Lake Placid)F20-299:152:01:10
96 Webb, Jenn F36 (Lake Placid)F30-399:152:01:10
97 Briggs, Jennifer F34 (Lake Placid)F30-399:152:01:13
98 Phelps, Brittany F24 (Lake Placid)F20-299:152:01:15
99 Weber, Christian M26 (Lake Placid)M20-299:152:01:15
100 Groebler, Brittany (Norfolk)F20-299:162:01:18
101 Lynch, Donna (Saranac)F30-39:162:01:21
102 Alphonso, Angela F44 (Plattsburgh)F40-499:162:01:21
103 Weber, Sabine F45 (Wilmington)F40-499:162:01:23
104 Rousseau, Scott M42 (Plattsburgh)M40-499:172:01:31
105 McPhie, Rebecca (Fort Drum)F30-399:172:01:36
106 Kleppang, Jessica (Lake Placid)F20-299:192:01:57
107 Thompson, Bruce (Burlington, Vt.)M40-499:202:02:16
108 Clement, Leonard (Tupper Lake)M40-499:222:02:41
109 Montgomery, Bruce (Ottawa)M50-599:242:03:02
110 Molnar, Mike (Demarest NJ)M50-599:252:03:15
111 Villa, Otto (Medfield MA)M50-599:272:03:44
112 Kleppang, Alison F23 (Lake Placid)F20-299:352:05:28
113 Gaspar, Sylva F45 (Lake Placid)F40-499:352:05:29
114 Miller, Hunter (Rhinebeck)M1-199:352:05:31
115 Feinberg, Hannah (Saranac Lake)F1-199:362:05:41
116 Battaglia, Nancie F58 (Lake Placid)F50-599:362:05:47
117 Rishe, Anthony (Ogdensburg)M40-499:382:06:11
118 Ringler, Jack (Richmond MA)M50-599:382:06:15
119 Izzo, William (Lake Placid)M50-599:382:06:16
120 Pretsch, Candice (Saranac Lake)F20-299:412:06:56
121 Grant, April F39 (Potsdam)F30-399:422:07:01
122 Waterhouse, Tim M53 (Ottawa)M50-599:432:07:15
123 Campbell, Jake (Saranac Lake)M30-399:452:07:43
124 Molloy, Kimberly (Central Square)F40-499:452:07:46
125 Barnett, Angela F45 (Mechanicville)F40-499:462:07:50
126 Longo, Andrew (Liverpool)M20-299:492:08:41
127 Hayden, Tina F50 (Schenectady)F50-599:522:09:12
128 Simmons, Ronald (Clay)M50-599:522:09:13
129 Graham, John (Saranac Lake)M40-499:532:09:32
130 Eckhardt, Rick M53 (Albany)M50-599:532:09:33
131 Jennie, Peck F40 (Rochester)F40-499:552:09:51
132 Gothard, Stephen (Ausable Forks)M20-299:562:10:02
133 Racicot, Aimee (South Hadley MA)F30-399:562:10:12
134 Nicastro, Charles (Saranac Lake)M30-399:572:10:24
135 Parrotte, Nicholas (Mechanicville)M30-3910:002:11:03
136 Parrotte, Danielle F32 (Mechanicville)F30-3910:002:11:03
137 McMahon, Marie F48 (Keene Valley)F40-4910:032:11:43
138 Yoshioka, Stacy F36 (New York)F30-3910:052:12:00
139 O'neil, Brooke F22 (Bloomingdale)F20-2910:072:12:31
140 Stevens, Craig M56 (Saranac Lake)M50-5910:102:13:08
141 Bonsted, Anne (New Hartford)F50-5910:122:13:36
142 Stanton, Debra (Lake Placid)F50-5910:132:13:44
143 Matos, Julianna F16 (Wilmington)F1-1910:202:15:28
144 Lepak, Robert M56 (Saranac Lake)M50-5910:212:15:40
145 Stencel, Chuck (Sugar Grove IL)M50-5910:222:15:44
146 Burns, Robert M37 (Tupper Lake)M30-3910:232:15:56
147 Gravelle, Sara F22 (Ballston Lake)F20-2910:232:15:57
148 Fink, Mindy F52 (Lake Clear)F50-5910:232:16:03
149 Cardany, David (Lake Placid)M1-1910:252:16:22
150 Trimarchi, Robert (Ganesvort)M40-4910:272:16:56
151 Trimarchi, Charles (Albany)M60-9910:272:16:56
152 Eves, Patrick (Mercerville)M50-5910:282:17:12
153 Eves, Dianne F53 (Mercerville)F50-5910:282:17:12
154 O'Connor, Patty (Morristown NJ)F40-4910:302:17:29
155 Glakkikh, Anna (Adams Center)F20-2910:402:19:49
156 Erenstone, Deborah F32 (Lake Placid)F30-3910:452:20:55
157 Greene, Sarah (St. Albans VT)F30-3910:462:21:07
158 Slagen, Brittany (Greenbush)F20-2910:492:21:38
159 King, Erin (Rome)F30-3910:512:22:09
160 Brink, Cheryl (Ottawa)F20-2910:552:22:57
161 Hofbauer, Katrina (Lake Placid)F30-3911:002:24:10
162 Young, Michele (Ticonderoga)F40-4911:012:24:1
163 Leonard, Joe (Lake Placid)M50-5911:012:24:15
164 Gallo, Phillip (Saranac Lake)M60-9911:012:24:15
165 Hart, Shouldice (Lake Placid)M30-3911:032:24:49
166 Schug, Mark (Clinton)M50-5911:072:25:35
167 Schug, Molly (Clinton)F20-2911:072:25:36
168 Kershaw, Leonard (Elizabethtown)M60-9911:122:26:40
169 Baldwin, Gary (Lake Placid)M60-9911:132:26:57
170 Kergel, Monica (Altamont)F30-3911:132:26:59
171 Belliveau, Joanne F57 (Ottawa)F50-5911:242:29:22
172 Ullyett, Linda (Ottawa)F50-5911:242:29:22
173 Wishart, Leonard (Wallingford CT)M40-4911:262:29:48
174 Wishart, Kira (Wallingford CT)F30-3911:262:29:48
175 Maguire, Amy (Schenectady)F20-2911:342:31:27
176 Driggers, Jennifer (Miffinburt PA)F30-3911:372:32:10
177 Sawchyn, Christie F36 (New York)F30-3911:412:33:07
178 Bayani, Michael (New York)M30-3911:412:33:07
179 Zdgiebloski, Emma F16 (Lake George)F1-1911:482:34:40
180 Kenyan, Lisa F32 (New York)F30-3911:492:34:45
181 Mattox, Morgan (Elizabethtown)F30-3911:522:35:29
182 Lennon, Christine (Lake Placid)F30-3911:522:35:29
183 DeAngelo, Maria (Saranac Lake)F40-4911:532:35:34
184 Vize, Brendan (Lake Placid)M1-1911:572:36:34
185 Baldwin, Megan (Glenmont)F20-2912:032:37:52
186 Healey, Kristen (Clio MI)F40-4912:172:40:51
187 Waterson, Marjorie (Lake Placid)F20-2912:302:43:47
188 Spinelli, Mary Cathrine (Lake Placid)F30-3912:352:44:47
189 Wagner, Diane F64 (Elizabethtown)F60-9912:532:48:51
190 Spurr, Srar (Malone)F20-2913:332:57:27
191 Smith, April (Wilmington)F30-3913:412:59:14
192 Bartz, Samara (Lansing MI)F30-3915:553:28:30



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