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138 finish inaugural Run for the Red

October 28, 2013
Lake Placid News

LAKE PLACID - Brian Lovett was the first male to cross the finish line and Jan Rand was the first female on Oct. 5 in the Run for the Red walk and run.

The 5-kilometer race started and finished at the Olympic Speed Skating Oval. The event began with an Emergency Services Expo, which was followed by a 400-meter children's race. All proceeds benefitted the American Red Cross North Country Champter.

Lovett, 39, finished the 5k in 16 minutes, 38.47 seconds. Rand was the third overall finisher with a time of 19:10.72. Ian Fleury took the second spot with his time of 18:58.06.

Article Photos

Photo by Roy Bombard
Runners take off at the start of the Run for the Red race Oct. 5 in the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid. There were 138 finishers in the 5-kilometer race.

Joe Munn (19:15.02) and Matt Spiegel (19:44.92) rounded out the top five.

Sarah Petrocci was the second woman to cross the line. She finished sixth overall with a time of 19:54.94.

There were 138 total finishers in the inaugural running of the race.


Run for the Red


Oct. 5

1Lovett, Brian16:38.47
2Fleury, Ian18:58.06
3Rand, Jan19:10.72
4Munn, Joe19:15.02
5Spiegel, Matt19:44.92
6Petrocci, Sarah19:54.94
7Hartung, Jamie20:18.50
8Hartung, Tyler20:30.08
9Akey, Pat20:45.03
10Dupre, Michael21:39.18
12Munn, Elise22:15.23
13Snyder, Sarah22:34.82
14Spiegel, Amy22:46.92
15Franco, Laura22:48.36
16Passno, Joy22:51.38
17Delaney, Karen23:01.83
18Durkee, Amy23:02.84
19Hulbert, Stacy23:21.06
20Abar, Dawn23:35.70
21Orman, Steven23:40.70
22Dickersen, Angie23:53.15
23Barnett, George23:53.62
24Trull, Lou24:05.58
25Dickerson, Angie24:10.56
26Kotronis, Scott24:19.60
27Battaglia, Nancie24:41.39
28Abar, Scott24:53.40
29Fox, Wendy24:55.41
30Plasse, Rick24:57.40
31Callahan, Kate24:58.00
32Bucci, Giovanina25:02.62
33Dias, Maria25:02.92
34Garcia, Joseph25:03.40
35Garrand, Elizabeth25:12.84
36LaValley, Chantel25:13.18
37Torrance, Lee25:13.67
38Cummings, Rick25:16.34
39Richard, Collette25:23.66
40Mangold, Danielle25:41.85
41Taylor, Shann25:59.15
42McCarty, Lynn26:04.19
43Fitzsimmons, Kari26:24.22
44Stansbury, Sarah26:33.63
45Hines, Rachel26:43.20
46Hartung, Stephanie26:43.59
47Joseph, Gail26:45.22
48Jones, Tyler26:45.99
49Trull, Christine26:46.94
51Winch, Katrina27:07.30
52Plasse, Carrie27:10.97
53Glennon, Megan28:01.43
54Biasini, Anthony28:19.31
55Best, Western28:32.18
56Moore, Linda28:33.31
57Rosenbaum, Alison28:44.50
58Best, Western28:56.07
59Speshock, Michael29:04.26
60Abraham-Rogers, Valerie29:11.68
61Sinclair, Misty29:12.86
62Stiles, Renee29:17.96
63Betts, John29:18.25
64Ormsby, Tiffany29:29.16
65LaValley, Melissa29:36.15
66Roberts, Nancy29:38.10
67gates, kelly29:43.47
68Sawyer, Donna30:03.72
69Lopez, Jocelyn30:41.72
70Fitzgerald, Lori30:52.96
71Loehr, Ralph30:55.89
72Best, Western31:05.10
73Best, Western31:05.64
74Tufo, Kathy31:22.01
75Sparacino, Vincent31:22.41
76Frournier, Bianaca31:22.77
77Moore, Marshal31:28.81
78Baker, Laura32:02.98
79Wrublevski, Kat32:09.25
80Bassarab, Kristy32:09.72
81Dixon-Cross, Elaine32:43.08
82Cross, Steven32:43.61
83Bachman, Tim32:51.83
84Morris, Heather32:59.75
85Kopita, Katherine33:24.69
86Stevens, Janice33:40.47
87Stevens, Joan34:09.21
88Zander, Autumn34:09.60
89Hartung, Steve34:12.17
90Costelllo, Nolan34:28.97
91Daniels, Craig34:50.19
92Smith, Amy34:53.18
93Ream, Donald34:53.97
94Merrill, Christine35:01.11
95Lamere, Susan35:09.72
96Forbes, Melissa35:10.13
97Costello, Michelle35:11.22
98Duso, Angelique35:40.73
99McGahuay, William37:10.60
100Puckhaber, Donna37:24.29
101Puckhaber, Haley37:24.66
102Jarvis, Deborah37:27.38
103Glevistey, Charla38:36.38
104Poitras, Francine38:36.66
105Petrotta, Rita40:49.39
106Padula, Domenica40:50.98
107James, Angie40:58.16
108Marshall, Karen41:01.49
109Torrance, Jackie41:05.51
110Hartung, Brittany43:07.09
111Hartung, Jill43:07.38
112Goulette, Brenda43:16.19
113Goulette, Brenda43:16.48
114Adams, Eleisha44:30.24
115Adams, Paul44:30.65
116Hamilton, Alexis45:30.98
117Cross, Lauren45:31.99
118Williams, Hailey45:57.19
119Cross, Jamie W3646:00.46
120Loehr, Donette46:09.07
121McCarty, Kaitlyn46:47.45
122LeClair, Kassie46:47.73
123Williams, Cathy46:57.16
124Langdon, Darlene46:57.54
125Benware, Shelley49:05.21
126Benware, Jacob49:13.81
127Skiff, Joanie49:24.75
128LaFlamme, Aimee49:25.16
129Patnode, Cameron49:25.58
130Lauzon, David54:52.62
131Biasini, Debbie54:53.05
132Baxter, Betsy59:12.99
133Conners, Julie59:13.55
134Coolidge, Tracey59:14.46
135Johnson, Kathy59:15.30
136Knobel, Russell1:00:37.51
137Quick, Pat1:00:38.49
138Waldron, Elizabeth1:00:38.86



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