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Bad times, arrogance and pride

October 25, 2013
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

I would like to applaud Essex County for the action they have taken to seize horses and prosecute Shelly Wing. Forty horses suffering and now one dead! Furthermore, I want to state that I disagree with the plea and concerns expressed by Joanne Curtis that was reported in a story in the 10/18 issue of the Lake Placid News titled "Essex Co. dealing with neglected horse issue" to have been made to the board.

Curtis stated that she did not consider Wing to be a criminal, just a person who had fallen on bad times.

Bad times are producing animal cruelty cases all across the country. However, bad times should never allow anyone to impose suffering on defenseless animals. Arrogance and pride have their influence in most of these cases, not ignorance!

Frequently, we hear: "I loved them some much that I could not get rid of them." Yet, seldom do we hear about the owners seeking help over the prolonged period that the animals were allowed to famish and suffer. Any person capable of some form of love could not see their animals endure to such ends.

The LPN also reported that Curtis told them; Livestock owners throughout the area and around the country are under stress, and many are facing situations like this, she said. "They aren't criminals," she said. "They're people just trying to hang on."

This really makes me sick! I owned and ran a retail business for 10 years. That is like saying, when times were tough, mugging someone for money would be OK!

If someone chooses to own an animal they have a responsibility to do the right thing, tough times or not!

I applaud all those who have taken action in this situation, and I do hope that if others are out there inadequately providing care to an animal that someone does intervene.

Scott Grady

Lake Placid



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