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First on the scene, first to deserve our gratitude

July 25, 2014
Editorial , Lake Placid News

It is hard to believe, when you have a picture-perfect day in the Adirondacks, that anything can possibly go wrong. As we experience a tranquil summer, paradise turned quickly to tragedy as police, fire and rescue vehicles could be seen whizzing by with sirens blaring several times recently.

Such was the case with two deadly accidents this weekend. On Friday morning, a bus overturned on the Northway near North Hudson, killing a 14-year-old girl and injuring more than 50. Then on Saturday, a plane crashed in Lake Placid killing all three people on board. The superstition that accidents happen in threes unfortunately turned out to be so when you include the swimming accident a month ago at the Flume in Wilmington, where two teenagers drowned.

While these events were shocking for our sleepy communities, it is even more horrific for those dealing with death up close. It takes a special person to take on duties as serious as those of fire, rescue and police personnel who rush into emergency situations. As tough as these first responders are, it is hard to be prepared for what they will witness until they come upon the situation. Everyone else is told to stay back, but these people have to face the worst at point-blank range.

They work hard to assess the situation swiftly and then try to save lives, if possible. It is heart-wrenching and adrenaline-draining when it is too late to do so.

And when they are at one catastrophe after another, there is no down time for them to recover or mourn.

Or to get those horrible images out of their heads.

Snowslip Farm, owned by the Trevor family on River Road outside Lake Placid, is where the plane crashed on Saturday. The Trevors have horses that are used as part of the healing therapy at retreats they have for people going through difficult times, from returning soldiers to those with serious illnesses. Coincidentally, Snowslip Farm on Monday just held a healing retreat for 911 emergency responders. We hope many of the rescue workers took advantage of it to help deal with all these recent tragedies.

We appreciate and commend these first responders for their dedication to rush into dangerous situations and take action, helping people during emergencies. We want to thank all these brave men and women who risk their lives to save others at a moment's notice. We hope they find strength and healing to continue this admirable profession.



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