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Give President Trump a chance

January 19, 2017
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

Reference is made to the letter by Craig Gilborn, "The importance of flying the American Flag in the age of Trump," in the Jan. 13 edition of the paper.

Mr. Gilborn states that he never flew the American flag until the Electoral College put a minority president, Donald Trump, in the White House. Maybe Mr. Gilborn does not understand that the U.S. is not a true democracy and that the Founding Fathers wanted the president to be picked by representative electors, not by a pure nationwide vote. Our Founding Fathers wanted the voters in Vermont to have as much say as who gets elected, as those in more populous states like New York and California.

I urge Mr. Gilborn and others who don't understand the brilliance of our constitution to get a copy of the video by Tara Ross which was made for Prager University, which was referenced in an editorial in the Press-Republican last year.

In conclusion, this is not the first time a president has been inaugurated with a minority of the general vote, and if history is any indication, it will not be the last. I urge all Americans to support our system and give this president a chance.

Andrew Orringer


Former full-time, current part-time resident of Lake Placid



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