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GARDEN CLUB NEWS: Deter unwanted garden guests

July 13, 2017
By DOT BEATTY - Lake Placid Garden Club , Lake Placid News

Gardens, lawns, areas around houses and buildings are looking cared for, and there is lots to admire around town.

Even the village barrels have had a floral change. The summer flowers are planted and beginning to beautify the village. So many visitors have commented on the welcoming way Lake Placid utilizes and maintains flowers, greens and shrubs. Pat ourselves on the back. Keep up the beautiful work!

The guests you do not want to invite to your garden, however, are black bears. Other unwanted wildlife may include deer, groundhogs, woodchucks, snowshoe hares, moles and voles. And the list goes on and on. You can prevent problems with bears and other wildlife that do not enjoy your garden the same way you do by properly storing and disposing of garbage and (believe it or not) bird feeders.

Burning garbage is illegal and often attracts bears and/or other wildlife. Store garbage in lidded cans and dumpsters secured with bungee cords. Feed birds from Dec. 1 to April 1. Remove birdseed, suet and all pet food from easily accessible areas in spring, summer and fall.

All types of smells attract wildlife. Clean your barbecue grill after every use, remove the grease can and run on high to burn off excess grease. Feed your own pets inside, and keep refrigerators and freezers in a secure place. Bring coolers inside when empty and not in use. Protect livestock and beehives with electric fencing.

For more information, contact our Department of Environmental Conservation wildlife office in Ray Brook. The DEC dispatch phone number for information and/or to report concerns is 518-891-1300. Or stop in the next time you are headed west out of Lake Placid on state Route 86.


Bear facts

-Approximately 8,000 healthy black bears live in New York state.

-The average adult male weights 300 pounds.

-The black bear is the second largest land mammal in New York after the moose.

-Black bears prefer natural food such as nuts, roots, fruit, plants and insects.


Moose facts

-Approximately 800 moose live within the Adirondack Park.

-Two cows were recently spotted in Wilmington.

-One male moose was on top of the Averyville Road and another was spotted in the River Road area.


Tip of the month

This information applies to fresh-cut flowers, whether you buy cultivated flowers or fresh picked from your garden or someone else's. First wash the vase you will be using before you fill it. That will remove any residual bacteria. Trim all leaves and flowers that will be below the water level. Change the water every other day. Wash the vase and stems as well. Cut stems at an angle to increase the liquid up take. The goal is to keep flower stem exposure to bacteria at a minimum. That should prolong the life of your flowers.

Have fun with arranging them and try something outside your usual arrangements.



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