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GUEST COMMENTARY: Grateful for Lake Placid ER

August 11, 2017
By DANIELLE BISHOP , Lake Placid News

On the night of June 7, our entire world as we know it changed. My husband Brian Bishop was in Saranac Lake to mow his parents' lawn when he started to experience horrific pain throughout his body. After a very difficult ride home to Lake Placid, he met me in our driveway, and I remarked that he looked terrible. Brian and I both thought that he may have an acute case of some type of sickness related to something that he had eaten. For what seems like too much time now, myself and our daughter Emma tried to make him comfortable. The pain that had started in his back finally made it down his arm and into his chest. At this point, I knew that we needed to get him to a hospital.

I was so relieved when I called the Lake Placid emergency room and on the other end of the line was our good friend Cora Clark! Because it was roughly 10 p.m., I was concerned that the ER may be closed by then. I told Cora what Brian was experiencing, and she made it crystal clear that I get him to her ASAP! I had barely pulled into the ER bay, and there was Cora, hanging out the door, waiting to get Brian inside. She grabbed him, and by the time that I made it inside, he was already undressed and hooked up to monitors and machines. The staff didn't waste any time and within five minutes of our arrival had determined that Brian was having a full-blown heart attack.

From that point on, all I can remember is the staff working on Brian like a well-oiled machine. They stabilized him and prepared him for the ambulance ride to the CVPH Heart Center, where he would later have a stent put in.

The angels on earth who saved my husband's life are Lauren Crowl, PA; Cora Clark, RN; Mary Whitney, RN; Demosthenes (Jundee) Cainong, lab; and Megan Carter, X-ray. Thank you, Lauren, for recognizing what Emma needed to hear and explaining to her what was happening with her Daddy. These five individuals not only saved Brian's life, but they saved ours as well. Brian is the most wonderful, caring husband and father, and we could not even imagine life without him!

I would also like to thank the two gentlemen who escorted Brian from the Saranac Lake ambulance squad. Mr. Clark and Mr. Barney, thank you for showing Brian "what that thing could do" on the highway (all while following the rules of the road) and for keeping him stabilized for the pending surgery.

Thank you to Dr. Bradley and to the CVPH staff in the cardiac unit who took such great care of Brian and restored our peace of mind.

To the Rissbergers - Todd, Lisa, Curtis and Carsyn - thank you so much for taking care of Emma and for all your continued support through this very difficult time. Your friendship means the world to us!

To the Beaneys - Mike, Michelle, Brooke and Briar - thank you so much for picking up Emma and then bringing her to the hospital so that she could see her Daddy! Michelle, the other half of my heart, thank you for going with me and staying overnight at the hospital. I could not have made it through this without you!

To the Bishops, Jim and Sharon, thank you so much for sitting with Brian for the week following his release from the hospital. Also for the yummy foods that you made him! The time that you spent with Brian meant everything to him but to me as well. He is so lucky to have you both for parents; you are truly the BEST!

Thank you to our friends Mark and Deb Breen, Morgan Miller and Arijana Patterson. Your kindness is sincerely appreciated.

Tommy Herzog and Fran Daby, thank you so much for helping us around the house!

Gib Hanson, the BEST neighbor ever, thank you so much for taking care of our lawn! You do know that I want to keep you now? You do an excellent job!

In closing, I would like to say that I have always thought that our Lake Placid Emergency Department was a wonderful asset to our community. After living through what happened to Brian, I now feel that it is a dire necessity. I cannot even imagine what may have been if the ER was closed that night or even closed indefinitely. Nine miles to Saranac Lake may not seem like a lot, but in an emergency, it could mean the difference between life and death. I sincerely hope that there is never a decision made to close our Lake Placid ER. I would also love to see it back open around the clock. Brian has always been a very healthy individual, but as we know now, heart attacks can happen to anyone at any time of the day and do not wait for the hours of 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

To the June 7 Lake Placid ER staff, we are indebted to you forever! The words thank you could never express how we truly feel.

Cora Clark, this community is so blessed to have you in it! You have taken care of Skyler and Emma like they were your own. You know how we feel about you. You will always hold a special place in our hearts forever!

(Danielle Bishop lives in Lake Placid.)



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