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GARDEN CLUB NEWS: Lots to learn at joint meeting of garden clubs

September 8, 2017
By DOT BEATTY , Garden Club of Lake Placid

The Garden Club of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Garden Club had a joint gathering this past August.

The venue was held at the Whiteface Club & Resort's Moose Lodge Boathouse Restaurant. More than 70 members and guests were treated to an incredible discussion with two local gardeners: Annoel Krider, retired head gardener at the Whiteface Club & Resort and Heidi Roland of Heaven Hill Farm. Both women have interesting and different planting and maintaining ideas.

Some of the topics covered were about light and water needs for plants, height and color appearances and, of course, perennial and annual characteristics. Much of the discussion centered around where to plant, what to plant and how to best maintain plants during the growing season.

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Members of the Garden Club of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Garden Club met recently at the Whiteface Club & Resort’s Moose Lodge Boathouse Restaurant.
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Edging with a digging tool and edging with stones or pavers was talked about, as well as planting tight together to reduce weeds and weeding. Using mulch and compost and how much and what kind of mulch was a topic. How best to win the deer invasion battle as well as moles, voles, woodchucks and opossum was also discussed. They talked about which plants and scrubs, unlike hosta, may not make a delicious salad for deer.

There was so much to ask about and learn. Lunch was served and dessert was enjoyed before we ventured out into the beautiful wedding gardens. There were several gardeners around to ask questions about specific flowers. It was a delightful day to say the least. Even the rains held off and the views of Lake Placid lake and Whiteface Mountain were enjoyed by all.

This was the second joint gathering of these two gardening clubs, and you can bet it will not be the last. A fine and informative time was had by all.

The next gathering of the Garden Club of Lake Placid will be our annual celebration of another successful gardening season at Heaven Hill Farm. We are all looking forward to this event to relax and enjoy the successful gardening season we had in spite of the rains.

Gardening tip

Use three different deer repellants during the same season. Use one, and when another application is due, use another one and so forth. That might discourage the deer from feasting on your young and delicious flower buds. Well, let's hope so. It's worth a try.

Also, if you use a deer repellant, apply it to only one side of your house at a time so you can open up windows on the other side. The smell of many of the chemicals can be offensive, even though they may be organic egg products or at least smell like it. It might repel you, and that's not a good remedy.



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