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OUR ANIMALS, OURSELVES: Animal Abuse Hotline set up

February 2, 2018
By ANNOEL KRIDER , Lake Placid News

Have you ever seen an animal being abused or neglected and weren't quite sure what to do about it? Well now there is a solution.

Essex County District Attorney Kristy Spraque recently announced the launch of an animal cruelty hotline. This has been established for reporting any suspected animal cruelty or neglect. This includes ALL animals from cats, dogs, farm animals and wildlife which are ALL protected under New York state law.

In addition to the obvious assault to an animal, cruelty also includes inadequate shelter, water, food or veterinarian care. And remember, in Essex County, the law "prohibits the long term chaining of a dog or confinement in small enclosures."

It's very important to call the hotline to report a problem and not your local dog control officer or town officials. The hotline will guarantee that your report will be directed to the people who can help.

I've written numerous articles on animal abuse and sincerely feel like there never can be enough. All of us serve as animal advocates on this Earth. It is our responsibility to take note when we see animals being neglected or abused. There are far too many people who not only don't assume this role but don't even know they are abusing an animal or don't see abuse as a problem.

Thankfully, it's become clear to most of us that animals have feelings, can experience pain and can be traumatized whether it's a result of being a victim of beating, or left outside in the freezing cold temperatures or not given sufficient food and water. Simply put, it's wrong! Unfortunately, there are those who don't see that and this is why a hotline is needed.

When I was a child, there was a doctor in our neighborhood who had a beautiful German shepherd tied up outside all day long serving as a "guard dog" for his property. The dog was originally used in the military, so he was a well-trained dog; however, the day-after-day neglect from being tied up turned the emotional stability of this beautiful animal into an angry dog. On the occasion when he got loose, he attacked the nearest fleeing person. Thankfully, no severe injury resulted.

In one of my previous articles, I wrote, "I believe people who abuse animals have deviated from the evolutionary chain into another kind of life form. One that doesn't have a soul and a connection to what's important and real. And that's a strong dynamic life force whose energy is derived from love and compassion.

Here is the hotline phone number: 1-844-4RESQ-ME (1-844-473-7763).

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