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Spring invited to the Adirondacks

April 13, 2018
Editorial , Lake Placid News

Dear Spring, you are cordially invited to the Adirondack Park as soon as you are ready and able to visit and make some people here very happy.

Not everyone who lives in this remote corner of New York state was able to get away for spring break, and those who could travel to far-away sunny destinations that didn't require them to put on winter boots, hats or mittens would certainly appreciate the opportunity to shed these items now that they are home.

We understand how the calendar works, that the vernal equinox officially turns winter to spring for our civilization. But we also understand that Mother Nature doesn't work that way. She rarely flips on the warm-and-sunny switch just because the calendar says March 20.

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Mirror Lake
(News photo — Andy Flynn)

And while April is always a fickle month - sometimes 70 degrees and sunny, other times 15 degrees and snowy - May is almost here. Your presence is requested as soon as possible. You don't have to wait until May, which would make our "winter" an even six months, as the cold weather arrived in early November. Come on by next week if you can. The welcome mat is out.

If not for us humans, do it for the other Adirondack animals. The robins and other migratory birds are arriving. The chipmunks, frogs and turtles are ready to move around. And the deer could certainly use less snow in the woods to search for more food. Or do it for the springtime flowers. The crocuses, daffodils and tulips are ready to burst through the soil toward the sun and show their glorious colors.

While winter is more than willing to stay a few weeks longer, enough already. Winter won't leave until you get here. Frankly, the skiers have had ample time to spend on the slopes this year. It's time for the rest of us to enjoy the great outdoors. The ski centers close on Sunday, April 15. How about coming April 16?

We only ask one thing. Just don't wake up the blackflies too early.


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