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OUR ANIMALS, OURSELVES: It’s time for some cat stories

July 27, 2018
By ANNOEL KRIDER , Lake Placid News

My husband recently mentioned that I'm always writing about dogs and that I should give the cats some press for a change. Thinking back over all the cats I've had in my life, each one of them had unique qualities and some interesting stories to go along with them. I also reached out to my cat-loving friends for stories about their feline family members.

My husband and I had a Siamese who we adopted from the shelter as a kitten. Mr. Kitty was a remarkable cat. One of his favorite activities was fetching whiffle balls, dropping them at your feet to be tossed and retrieved again and again.

Gideon, another Siamese we had, was a very old soul. My dog Laddie and I would take off down the dirt road for our run around the mountain. On the return end of the loop, right at the top of a long hill, there sat Gideon, waiting for us. He would then turn around and run the last half mile home with us. Human, dog, cat out for their morning run. Gideon's best friend was our other cat Sophie, who howled like a banshee the day Gideon was captured by the coyotes. Sophie never howled like that before or since. How was she to know his demise?

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Clear Feather
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One mysterious story about the cat of my husband's father. Pat, and his cat Clancy, were best friends with a very definite bond. Pat needed an operation so we took Clancy into our home. It became apparent that Pat wasn't going to make it so my husband and I started making plans. We were both sitting at the computer writing out Pat's obituary when Clancy jumped up, walked over the keys, then down again. Five minutes later, we found Clancy dead.

He had a complete check-up at the vet a week before. I checked his throat, gave him CPR ... he was gone. I still feel to this day that attempting CPR was futile as I knew it wouldn't restart a broken heart. Cats and dogs have an uncanny ability to read minds.

Maxine, my sister's cat, never left my mother's bed the last months of her life. I've heard that some cats are completely tuned in to impending death and stay with the person until the end. My other sister's cat, Spotty, would play catch with a small ball and sit and shake on command before getting her dinner. Both these cats took walks following my sisters down paths in the woods feeling safe and completely happy.

I did have a few friends write me with their own cat stories. Pam's cat, Adi, who loves all people and animals alike, was taught to be kind to wildlife as well. Pam feeds the chipmunks and has taught Adi that they are not to be harmed so the chipmunks and Adi are now walking around and playing together.

My friend Sally had a cat that watched over her newly born daughter Wendy. She was at first tentative about having the cat near the baby but the cat's role was established and she was often found in Wendy's crib sleeping peacefully near her head. One day when my friend Sally was in the basement doing laundry the cat came running down, meowing like crazy and scratching at her legs. Sally ran upstairs to find her baby crying uncontrollably. The cat knew that mom needed to come to the rescue.

Christina had a cat called Clear Feather, who was an exquisite kitty with an independent streak. She would take long walks around Quaker Mountain by herself assuming the guise of empress of the mountain. (I didn't want to tell her my cat already held that title.) Clear Feather would travel with Christina and instead of sitting in a carrier at the airport, she would sit on Christina's lap. Good kitty!! Christina's other cat Azure does agility.

I'm still looking for more fascinating cat stories. One often hears about remarkable qualities in cats. Whether it's their ability to read minds or pretend they're dogs their personalities are compelling to those of us who live with them. I have both dogs and cats but sometimes the cats get lost in the chaos of all that dog energy.

Cats are subtle in their ways of communicating and maneuvering through life. They are much more independent than dogs yet still rely on our presence, although they don't always demand it like a dog would. I'm sure it's no surprise to cat owners hearing about cats who take walks, retrieve balls and know their companion has died just from the voices of the ether.

The shelters are filled with these special creatures ... all of them waiting to show you their unique qualities that will add treasures to your daily life.

If you have a kitty, I would love to hear your stories. If you don't have a kitty, head to the shelter and get one, then tell me their story by email at



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