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E-bikes are a benefit

September 14, 2018
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

I always enjoy reading Naj Wikoff's columns as they continue to illuminate the terrific people and venues of the Adirondacks and the wonderful village of Lake Placid. Yet, I was taken aback a bit by one of his most recent columns concerning, among other things, his disdain for the growing use of electric pedal-assisted bikes, or e-bikes.

I can understand the trepidation some feel when observing the use of e-bikes in places such as New York City or San Diego by messengers and couriers, constantly darting between cars and around pedestrians. Reasonable regulation of these activities seems prudent. Yet the advent of e-bikes has opened, or re-opened, the magnificent outdoors to many people, especially seniors.

I've been a casual biker for many years, but as I passed 70, began finding that longer trips, and especially those involving many hills, became more difficult and nearly caused me to "retire" from biking. The advent of the pedal assisted bike has brought many seniors, including myself, back to enjoy biking. Naj rightfully promotes healthy living and outdoors exercise and that's what this new marvel allows me, and many others my age or older, to do.

For those concerned about e-bikes speeding through town or on existing or proposed bikeways, e-bikes are limited to a maximum of 20 mph. This speed is rarely attained, and is slower than often performed by the road racing bikers often seen in and around Lake Placid.

Nelson Carpenter

President, Lake Placid Club Lodges

Lake Placid



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