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Reader takes issue with anti-Trump commentary

October 12, 2018
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

In his guest column in the Sept. 28 issue of the Lake Placid News, Mr. John O'Neill is just one more cry baby who can't accept Trump was constitutionally elected as any other president. If you don't care for Trump, wait until 2020 and try to vote him out. The logic of voting in a Democratic Congress is baffling. Is he really asking people to go back to the no growth economy, stagnant wages, regulations that stifle small business, letting China steal intellectual property from our companies, ignoring a deal that allows Iran to underwrite terrorists? I could go on.

The Republican Congress has passed tax cuts and supported sensible deregulation. The CBO estimates the tax cuts on average will see each American family have about $2,500 more disposable income. What's so bad about that? Minority unemployment is the lowest in 60 years, what's not to like about that?

Mr. O'Neill is obsessed with the Koch brothers. He'd like them to lose their constitutional right to speak. Not one word about public employee union's millions backing candidates.

The real danger to the country is people like O'Neill, who are troubled grasping facts.

By the way an example of Mr. O'Neill's mastery of facts, the Republican National Committee did not select Trump as the Republican candidate; he won through the primary process, appealing to the "deplorables."

Paul Murphy

Lake Placid and Maryland



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