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Consider voting against those who support hate talkers

November 2, 2018
Editorial , Lake Placid News

This Election Day is different than all the ones we've witnessed before. Our votes will show the world how much we tolerate hate speech in America.

There are a lot of reasons that can sway a vote. People vote along party lines. They vote against incumbents to remove them from office. They vote for incumbents because they genuinely like them or like the jobs they've done. They vote for candidates who share their stance on certain issues. They vote for candidates who share their values.

Top election issues in America include health care, immigration, the economy, contraceptive rights, LGBTQ rights, gender issues, labor issues, taxes and the environment.

Yet, since the 2016 presidential election, there's one issue that's crept into the limelight - hate speech. For the past two years, President Donald Trump has stirred the pot of hate in America toward people who are not like him and toward people who criticize him. Whether you like what he's done through legislation or executive order - either in America or abroad - his harsh rhetoric is indisputable. It is meant to divide us. It is hurtful.

This Election Day, we can't vote for or against the president, but we can make a statement that hate speech will not be tolerated. Take a good look at those politicians who support the president. It would be tough to find an incumbent who agrees with the president's hate speech, yet it's easy to find incumbents who don't stand up to him and tell him that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Instead, they literally stand beside him, staying silent while continuing to support his agenda, thereby giving him confidence to say whatever he wants to say.

It's time the electorate puts more emphasis on how our local, state and federal representatives tolerate the hate talk coming from the White House. Let's send a message that those who support the man behind the hate are not worthy of office.



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