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Vote for checks and balances

November 2, 2018
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

"What is there left to say about the terrible murder of moderate Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and its aftermath? Only one thing, and I have said it before, but I feel it even more strongly now: In the mid-term elections, vote for a Democrat, canvass for a Democrat, raise money for a Democrat, drive someone else to a voting station to vote for a Democrat." (Thomas Friedman, New York Times)

This statement is made by someone who is not particularly liberal but is someone who is interested in protecting the values of truth and integrity in our county.

There needs to be a check on a president who has praised a U.S. politician for body slamming a reporter, a president who has simply dismissed as political spin the latest report by the United Nations' team of climate scientists and a president who has continually made false and misleading statements. Truth matters!

There are many positive reasons to vote for Tedra Cobb. Her integrity and willingness to represent the North County in a positive manner has been demonstrated by her community and political life. A Democratic House of Representatives will offer some balance to a negative movement in our dialogue as a country. Our children and grandchildren need our support at this time.

William O'Reilly

Saranac Lake



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