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President Trump dishonored U.S. soldiers during visit to France

November 16, 2018
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

Since the founding of our nation, the men and women who make up our military have fought to protect our nation and way of life in the most horrific of circumstances. Many have paid for their actions through their own death, loss of limbs, terrible disfigurement, disease, post traumatic stress, ruined marriages, and even have been spat upon returning home.

Many who fought in the trenches of France during World War I suffered terribly. The weather was often horrendous, they were gassed, the trenches were often filled with mud, many times shelled 24 hours a day, rations were at times deplorable. Nearly 120,000 died. 320,000 were sick and wounded. Our allies the British lost 700,000, In 1914, the French lost an average of 2,200 per day while our neighbors to the north lost 61,000.

Yet our president wasn't up to walking shoulder to shoulder with other world leaders to honor the dead and wounded, nor was he willing to visit a U.S. military ceremony. He gave lame excuses blaming it on the light drizzle or a helicopter's inability to fly. Yet in contrast, the other world leaders had no problem meeting their obligations.

By not attending the cemetery or joining the other world leaders President Trump dishonored all who have served and are currently serving our nation. Clearly his saluting any serviceman or woman is an empty gesture. There is no pride, love or care behind it. I hope he never returns to the North Country as the men and women of the 10th Mountain Division deserve far better as do all who serve our nation.

Naj Wikoff

Keene Valley



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