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Lake Placid community is worth fighting for

January 18, 2019
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

In 2012, my family moved to Lake Placid. Like most new transplants, we were immediately blown away by the beauty of the area and all the opportunities for recreation. But what we found was more than just pretty scenery and fun. We found home.

We found home first on makeshift soccer fields at the Lake Placid Horse Show grounds as dozens and dozens of children learned from volunteer coaches. We found home as we sat in the grass and talked with the other parents who became our friends. We found home at school concerts and frozen hockey rinks. We found home at stores and restaurants owned by passionate and hardworking people. We found home at our church and with members from other congregations. It's not the mountains, lakes, and trails that made Lake Placid our home; it's the people. The longer we've lived here, the more we became part of the community, but much more than that, the community became a part of us. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for this community we live in.

Lately, it seems like that home is in a precarious situation. As we all struggle with the effects of short-term rentals, we feel our little community slipping. As housing options disappear and property values increase, we're following in the footsteps of other resort communities that have gone extinct. What can be done? Our town and village boards are working on a law to help regulate STRs, but will it be enough to reverse or at least stop the deterioration of our hometown? More needs to be done, but what and by who? If we wait too long to do something, there will be no one left to fight.

Many believe that the Lake Placid community is too far gone to save. But I don't believe it. I can't believe it. Not with the people that I've gotten to know that are still here and still care. The way forward will be hard. A lot of people will be angry. Very angry. But I think that community of Lake Placid is worth saving and worth doing the hard work.

What can you do? You can show up. Start with the meeting on Jan. 24. Let the town and village boards know what Lake Placid means to you. Let them know that we will support the hard decisions they will have to make. Let them know that there's still a community worth fighting for.

Daniel Cash

Lake Placid



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