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Grateful for Flynn

August 9, 2019
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

Longtime local reporter and editor Andy Flynn's column about mortality ("Re-evaluating life as I approach 50") brings to mind the fact that, regardless of our age or health, any day could be our last.

That inescapable truth is one reason we should say important things today, while we are sure that we can. Accordingly: Lake Placid News Editor Andy Flynn is a tremendous asset to this region. Flynn's combination of skill, diligence, empathy and humility is rare in any field.

The fact that any day could also apparently be any publication's last is a grim reality of the economic landscape.

The litany of departed newspapers, magazines, "desks," "beats" and careers is well known - or should be. (For a fun stroll through cyberspace, check out The Atlantic's recent article, "Local News Is Dying, and Americans Have No Idea"; Jill Lepore's New Yorker article "Does Journalism Have a Future?"; or Never a lucrative profession, the demands placed upon print journalists increase by the year, while their wages and benefits tend to stay the same or even decline.

A well-informed source (not Andy) once memorably informed me that a local newspaper "survives on martyrdom, to a significant extent."

A writer and editor of Andy's caliber could obtain a less demanding (and more remunerative) job in a field such as advertising, publicity, public relations, technical writing or the law.

Instead, Andy stays on the beat he's covered since the 1990s, telling (and fact-checking) our stories large and small, and producing a paper worth far more than its cover price.

Andy even manages to make martyrdom look downright cheerful!

Andy, thank you for your commitment to your community and for your commitment to your craft.

Thank you for sharing our stories, and for sharing yours.

We are rooting for you.


Tim Follos




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