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Wikoff takes ‘cheap shot’ at Elise Stefanik

August 30, 2019
Lake Placid News

To the editor:

Mr. Wikoff's letter last week was generally hard to criticize. Political discussion would benefit from more polite civil standards and yes, name calling has no place in civil discourse.

I have neither read nor heard Congresswoman Stefanik's remarks cited by Mr. Wikoff, so my reference is his letter. It is not name calling to call a dog a dog or a socialist a socialist. Bernie Sanders calls himself a socialist. Is Stefanik wrong to call him a socialist? Other Democrat candidates - Warren, Harris and others, - have endorsed his Medicare for All, socialized medicine meant to be obscured with a friendly label. That would qualify them as socialists. Space will not allow detailing all their positions or the positions of the crowded list of candidates running for the Democrat nomination, but should readers examine the ideas posited by the majority of the candidates they will find radical left proposals, describing them as socialists is accurate. That is why moderate Democrats are hoping for a Biden nomination.

Mr. Wikoff's columns show a left-wing tilt, so understandably he is easily upset with Stefanik. I suspect he had an urge to promote a negative view of her as we head toward an election year. He's a good writer and should have been able to do better. He should be embarrassed; it was a cheap shot.

Paul Murphy

Lake Placid



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