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MARTHA SEZ: ‘Retrograde Mercury presents quite a dilemma to those of us who are astrologically aware’

September 27, 2019
By MARTHA ALLEN , Lake Placid News

All right, everyone, I give you fair warning: Mercury goes retrograde on Oct. 31, Halloween. Until then, we expect you to be able to get your homework in on time with no excuses about the internet going down or the printer refusing to connect to the computer or the wheel falling off your car and rolling away down Spruce Hill.

Mercury will be retrograde from Halloween until Nov. 20. We'd all better get our ducks in a row before then.

We have a month.

According to ancient astrological wisdom, the planet Mercury rules logic and communication of all kinds, publishing, research, travel, trucking, banking and commerce. The planet Mercury is named for the god of poets, thieves, merchants, flight attendants and hedge-fund guys. Also UPS guys, pizza delivery people, postal workers and florists. The words merchant, mercantile, merchandise, merganser and fruits-de-mer all derive from the same root, probably.

Well, maybe not merganser and fruits-de-mer.

Checks lost in the mail, voicemail messages garbled, the commandeering of text messaging by spell check and other misunderstandings due to miscommunication should all come right on Nov. 20.

Astrologers warn that between Oct. 31 and Nov. 20, Mercury retrograde will feature injustice, lies and actions that breach accepted moral and social codes. It seems that on the national level we already have a pretty good start on that. Astrologers tell us to lie low during this time. Don't do anything while Mercury is retrograde! Some say not to push it: Allow a so-called shadow period of anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks of down time before and after the retrograde period. Better safe than sorry, they say.

Unfortunately, Mercury is retrograde a good deal of the time. While it is all very well to say that caution is the better part of valor and that fools rush in, et cetera, care must also be taken to avoid the appearance of lying low, which may be confused with "slacking off" and frowned upon by bosses or coworkers.

2019, for example, has already had two Mercury retrograde periods. It is the third and final retrograde that comes up on Halloween. It is really not practical to be biding your time, waiting for the right moment to act for so many weeks out of the year. This could be misinterpreted as laziness or procrastination. Yes, retrograde Mercury presents quite a dilemma to those of us who are astrologically aware.

Astronomers and astrologers disagree about Mercury retrograde. Astronomers do not believe that Mercury ever goes backwards at all. It's just an illusion, they say. Well, if it's just an illusion, why then did my muffler pipe break during the spring retrograde period, causing my muffler to drag along behind my car? Explain that.

Study the following astrological hints so you'll know what to do when Mercury goes retrograde again.

ARIES: Slow down! Quit pushing people around and trying to be the boss of everybody. Take it easy. Not that you will, because lying low is not in your nature, so never mind.

TAURUS: Mercury retrograde shouldn't cramp your style too much. You spend a lot of time thinking things over and refusing to budge anyway, so you probably won't even notice.

GEMINI: Oh no! Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and you're a communicator. beware of gossip on Facebook and twitter.

CANCER: Nothing will go according to plan, but when does it ever?

LEO: No gambling. Quit roaring around.

VIRGO: Watch out! Spell check is always untrustworthy, and especially right now. Not that anyone but you will notice.

LIBRA: Everything will be all right. Libra is the balance, but if everything seems out of whack, think of a teeter-totter. Life is a constant balancing act. Come to think of it, don't get on that teeter-totter now.

SCORPIO: Oh, Scorpio, you're so bad! You're bound to get in trouble, but do you care, really?

SAGITTARIUS: Careful. The Old Straight Arrow could get sidetracked now.

CAPRICORN: All real estate issues are best avoided.

AQUARIUS: While Capricorn is procrastinating with that real estate, you could step in, maybe get a deal.

PISCES: You won't know whether you're coming or going, but, unlike Sagittarius, you are NOT the Old Straight Arrow, so no problemo.

I am telling you all of this to give you fair warning before Oct. 31. It is safe now to make Halloween plans and get your costume together. Don't put it off until the shadow period.

Have a good week.



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